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Assassins Creed will "definitely" feature co-op in the future. Still plenty of time to find an accomplice, though

The traditional image of an assassin is that of a quiet loner, living a life of self-imposed solitude, working alone and in complete secrecy. There is a chance that you might form an at-times awkward relationship with a 12 year-old girl, but - generally - if you're in the assassinating business you keep your shit close to your chest and keep other people out. But do away with that preconception because a future Assassin's Creed will embrace the idea of cooperative killing.

At a recent Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood event at Ubisoft's Montreal studio, the game's director, Patrick Plourde,told usthat co-op will find its way to Assassin's Creed at some point.

"I think eventually there will definitely be co-op in the brand," Plourdesaid in no uncertain terms. "For Brotherhood we focused first and foremost on the validation for multiplayer. In campaign, co-op comes with a lot of challenge. At GDC the Saint's Row guys were like: 'if you want your game to have co-op - especially in a sandbox - you need to build it from the ground up.' They're right - it's a couple of years of turnaround to make sure co-op would work."

Of course, with the success of Assassin's Creed, Ubisoft are in the lucky position of being able to think about AC as a long-term project. The freedom that affords the development team is something Plourde is happy to acknowledge:

"With Brotherhood we're expanding the brand, but we also have the quiet confidence that we're successful enough to take our time. That's super liberating. We have great ideas, but we can put some of them on the backburner for the time being then - next time round - revisit some of those old ideas."

More from our interview with the Assassin's Creed devs soon. In the meantime, why not read Mikel's impressions ofBrotherhood's single-player campaign.

October 22, 2010

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