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Assassin's Creed Syndicate's last season pass DLC is out now

Assassin's Creed Syndicate's (opens in new tab)'s final piece of Season Pass DLC is out now, and if anybody could give the Templars a run for their nation-suppressing money, it's the East India Company. The Last Maharaja DLC adds 10 new missions, tracing the Frye twins' new alliance with Maharaja Duleep Singh as he tries to reclaim his seat as ruler of India's Sikh Empire. Also to carry out a massive gold bullion heist, because everything's better with a heist.

The "British Indies Company" as it's called here (not sure why Ubisoft needed to fictionalize a corporation that was dissolved back in 1874) is naturally in cahoots with the Templars. Despite their common foe, it seems Singh's alliance with the Assassins may not last, as is legally required of any heist story.

The Last Maharaja is available as part of Syndicate's $29.99/£23.99 season pass, or on its own for $6.99/£5.99, and the download will take up about 4.5 GB. You should be able to jump into the DLC storyline at any point after Sequence 3 in the main campaign by navigating to the new "S" icon in the Westminster District (unlike the time-hopping Jack the Ripper DLC (opens in new tab), which you have to start from the main menu).

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