Assassin's Creed 2 - Feathers and Treasure Chests guide


Dorsoduro feather locations (bottom):

District map:

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D1: On a pole jutting out from a building at the north side of the garden Carnival celebration.

D2: On a beam attached to a rather imposing building on the southern edge of the district.

D3: On top of a mast on the ship moored next to the fast-travel stall.

D4: On a beam above an arched enclosure and over the water.

D5: On a planks-and-beams bridge between two buildings.

Above: Another feather we grabbed before we could take a picture. Ezio sits where you’ll find it

D6: On a beam between two buildings, above a narrow street.

D7: On a beam near the mouth of a canal.

D8: On another beam overlooking yet another canal.

D9: On a beam sticking out of a corner of a building, right on the waterfront.

Castello feather locations (right):

District map:

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CS1: On a beam almost directly above a blacksmith’s shop.

CS2: On top of a scaffold near a bridge.

CS3: On the west side of this building, just east of the border between Castello and San Marco.

CS4: On top of a rickety-looking wooden canopy above a bridge.

CS5: Near the entrance to the Arsenale, on a beam above a canal.

CS6: On a beam connected to a low building, surrounded by three cranes dangling platforms.

CS7: On a wooden beam overlooking a little courtyard.

CS8: On a planks-and-beams bridge connecting two buildings near the northwest corner of the Arsenale.

CS9: On a beam connected to a tower at the northeast corner of the Arsenale; the quickest way to get to it is to climb the buildings directly to its east.

CS10: On a beam hanging just to the north of a tailor’s shop.

Cannaregio feather locations (top):

District map:

Above: Click the image for the full-sized version

CR1: On top of a stone arch connecting two buildings.

CR2: On top of a striped pole in the middle of a narrow canal that leads out to sea.

CR3: On a beam sticking out of a building directly across the street from an art dealer.

CR4: On a beam suspended above a narrow alley.

CR5: On a beam overlooking the sea.

CR6: On another beam overlooking the sea, this one next to a wooden balcony.

CR7: On a beam above an alleyway; if you see three conspicuous barrels on the ground, you’re pretty close.

CR8: On a beam connected to a wooden platform, hanging above a bridge.

CR9: On top of a crane.

And there's yet another sprawling, crazy collect-a-thon concluded. If you’ve got all 100 feathers at this point, all that’s left is to take the feathers back to Ezio’s mother’s room in the Villa Auditore at Monteriggioni. Once you turn in 50, you’ll be rewarded with the right to buy the Condottiero hammer, which is extremely expensive, but powerful and necessary to finish your weapons collection. And once you’ve handed in all 100, you’ll be rewarded with the Auditore Cape and its ability to make you Notorious in any city.

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