Assassin's Creed 2 - Feathers and Treasure Chests guide


Treasure map:

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Feather map:

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San Giovanni district feather locations (middle):

SG1: Hidden in a circular window on the west wall of Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop.

SG2: On top of one of the rooftop cranes.

SG3: On top of another rooftop crane, this one dangling a platform.

SG4: Next to a little window near the base of the viewpoint tower.

SG5: On top of a chimney – may be hard to see depending on the lighting conditions.

SG6: Starting on the Ponte Vecchio bridge, climb over the rooftops to the east and look for it on a wooden beam over the water on the other side.

SG7: On a wooden beam overlooking the docks.

SG8: Atop the scaffolding you’ll find if you climb the east side of the Palazzo Della Signoria.

SG9: On top of the cross above the dome at Santa Maria del Fiore.

San Marco district feather locations (right):

SM1: On top of a rooftop crane across the street from the Palazzo Della Signoria.

SM2: On a beam on the wall above a tailor’s storefront.

SM3: On a beam sticking out the east wall of a partially crumbling building.

SM4: Hidden just under the northwest edge of Santa Croce’s roof.

SM5: At the corner of some scaffolding atop a ruined building.

SM6: In front of a window overlooking a little courtyard.

SM7: On top of the scaffolding above yet another ruined building.

Above: Actually, that’s pretty hard to see…

Above: Ah, much better

SM8: On a beam jutting out from the east side of a three-story building.

SM9: Floating above a door at the north end of the Ospedale Degli Innocenti’s west wall.

Santa Maria Novella district feather locations (left):

SMN1: On the rooftop directly to the east of the dome on San Lorenzo.

Above: Sadly, we grabbed the feather before we could take a picture, but this is exactly where we found it.

SMN2: On top of a decorative archway.

Above: Again, we grabbed the feather too quickly. But this is the landmark you’re looking for.

SMN3: In front of a third-story window on a house just north of the Mercato Vecchio.

SMN4: On a covered statue standing on a pillar at the center of the Mercato Vecchio.

SMN5: Hidden in front of a rose window at the top of Santa Maria Novella’s southern facade.

SMN6: In front of a small, easily accessed window.

SMN7: On a beam overlooking the water, which can be easily spotted by looking west from the bridge.

SMN8: On a beam sticking out of the inside of Florence’s city wall. This one’s a little tricky – you’ll need to run up the wall and jump sideways from each of the lower beams to reach it.

SMN9: On top of a beam jutting out from the city’s northwest wall, just before it bends northward.

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