Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood treasure maps

Last week, we showed you how to find everyBorgia flag, featherandClusterin Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. We even showed you how to solve every lastCluster puzzle. But there's one thing we didn't give up:the location of every last treasure chest hidden across Rome. That changes now. Scroll down, and you'll find complete mapsof Brotherhood's fourdistricts, with all 144 treasure chests clearly marked.

Get ready to do this a whole lot

What do you get if you find all 144? Nothing except several thousand florins and a ton of trade goods, which can either be used to finish shop quests or sold to merchants for even more money. These won't bolster your gamerscore or grant any cool abilities, but they will ensure that you're never short on funds. And although you can buy these locations in the game, consider that the in-game treasure maps A) cost a lot of florins, and B) only reveal a third of the chests in their given districts, with the other two maps unlocked as you play through the story. If you'd rather not wait, click on the images below and get to looting.

(Note: Whilethere are even more chests to be found in the Romulus Lairs and War Machine missions,thesewon't count toward your DNA-screen total, so they don't appear here. There's more than enough lootbelow to line your pockets for a long time, however.)

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