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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood beta finally goes live

Gamers across the country were flummoxed when they entered their beta codes on their PS3 systems on September 13 - as instructed - and received nothing but an error message. The game's publisher Ubisoft didn't even say anything about it until contacted by the media.At that time, it had no information as to when the beta would actually be available.

Now, out of the blue, Ubisoft has pushed it out. Finally.

Above: A pretty good depiction of the PlayStation Plus subscribers about to revolt

The company's community developer Gabriel Graziani posted the announcement on theofficial PlayStation Blog, but failed torecognize the weeks-long delay. But it is actually real now. It's up and running. Those beta codes given to pre-orderers will now unlock the download, and "select" PlayStation Plus subscribers can also access the beta as well (althoughthe angry comments on the PS Blog post would seem to indicate some confusion on that matter.)

Above: "And where's the PC and 360 beta, bitch?! Oh..."

Xbox 360 users will never be able to access the beta. Sony struck a deal with Ubisoft to be the exclusive platform for the online game test. So for the non-PS3-owning assassin wannabes, the best you'll get right now is being able to check out this latest trailer:

Oct 5, 2010