"As if my backlog wasn't overwhelming already" - Xbox fans react to Game Pass

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the Xbox Game Pass, a Netflix-style subscription program that allows players to download and enjoy a selection of Xbox games so long as they shell out the required $10 per month. Will it take off? Do people even want something like this?

Judging by early reactions to the news, Xbox players are pretty pumped. Here's what the community had to say on social media:

Meanwhile, over on the Xbox One sub-reddit, fans are just as eager.
"As if my backlog wasn't overwhelming already lol" - TrustMeImANOOB

"Personally, I prefer to own my games. But this is an incredible addition to the list of Xbox One services that many will enjoy and take advantage of. Proud of the Xbox team for this one." - TheHandyman1

"Oh fuck, this sounds really damn cool. Like EA Access but with other/smaller publishers. Guess I'm going to start paying $10/month extra. Hope they have a yearly bundle with Gold. Excited!" - dinodares99

"Interesting. Maybe i should cancel my gym membership and use that $10 a month on this? That's probably the right choice." - Beeslikesteve

And last but certainly not least, a word from Xbox Community Manager Josh Stein:

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