As Chrono Trigger remake rumors swirl, one fan imagines a 2.5D remake of the classic JRPG

Chrono Trigger
(Image credit: Square Enix)

As rumors swirl of a Chrono Trigger remake, one fan has already gone ahead and reimagined the classic Square game with modern HD visuals.

Or "2DHD" visuals, rather. Picking up after Square Enix bangers like Octopath Traveler and Live A Live, one Chrono Trigger fan has taken the classic RPG and reimagined it in the modern stylings of both the aforementioned games, and it looks jaw-dropping.

There's just over two minutes' worth of footage from the Leene Square area of Chrono Trigger, and it looks sublime. The "2DHD" visuals make Chrono Trigger's already eye-catching art style burst out of the screen. If you thought Octopath Traveler looked good, you'll love this.

The new fan-made project actually comes about at the same time as rumors of a full Chrono Trigger remake, as fate would have it. Earlier today on June 20, storied Nintendo-related leaker Zippo claimed knowledge of a full Chrono Trigger remake, utilizing the "2DHD" method to breathe new life into the game.

"Details are scant at the moment, but it is coming to Nintendo Switch, not sure about other platforms at the moment," Zippo writes. The leaker also writes that a new Nintendo Direct will be taking place in the next 48 hours, where the remake could possibly be announced, and just earlier today, Nintendo announced a new Nintendo Direct presentation scheduled for tomorrow on June 21.

What's more, original leads Akira Toriyama, Yuji Hori, Hironobu Sakaguchi and Yoshinori Kitase are all involved in the Chrono Trigger remake. If the claim from Zippo is legitimate, it seems Square Enix has manage to tempt back Sakaguchi into working with them on another project.

It's all a very weird, highly coincidental rumor. Square Enix could be working on a Chrono Trigger remake. Or they could not. Let's see what tomorrow's Nintendo Direct brings, for starters.

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