Arrested Development Season 4 Cast Interviews

There's a reason Arrested Development has taken so long to return to the small screen.

Since the original show wrapped back in 2006, the really rather ridiculously talented cast have gone on to glittering movie and TV careers.

Between Horrible Bosses, Scott Pilgrim, Blades of Glory, The Hangover, Kung Fu Panda and Veep , it's easy to see why scheduling issues have been a bit of a mess.

Still, TV's most dysfunctional, witty, caustic and clever comedy family are back, and this time on Netflix, with fans able to download the whole series in one swift go.

We sat down with Michael Cera (George Michael), Maeby (Alia Shawkat), David Cross (Tobias), Tony Hale (Buster) and Jeffrey Tambor (George Snr.) to talk about how important the fans are to the show's return, classic catchphrases, what they'd want to see from a movie spin-off, and why their first day back on the set was similar to a classic scene from Alien .

To use the Bluthian venacular, 'we just blue ourselves'.

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