Arr, me hearties

A new download was posted yesterday to expand the enormous world of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion even further. The Thieves Den adds the legendary Dunbarrow Cove and its contents to your ever-growing adventuring itinerary. It's available to Xbox 360 gamers over Xbox Live Marketplace for 150 Microsoft Points while PC gamers can get it from theOblivion website for $1.89.

As the name implies, the Thieves Den is suited to the more nefarious daredevils. It provides a number of swarthy, pirate personal assistants to serve as a crew that voyage in your absence, gathering booty while you're away. Specially designed vendors cater to the needs of thieves, rogues and assassin class characters, and 15 new spells are included in the package. If the Wizard's Tower, offered in the last downloadable pack, didn't quite fit your sticky-fingered knave, give the Thieves Den a try. After all, it's still cheaper than that stupid horse.

May 23, 2006