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Around the Network: 11th August 2013

It's been another busy week here at Future Towers, so wind down for the weekend with our round-up of the best features and news from around the network...


The latest episode of GTA 5 o'clock talks about the game's biggest heist.

We lost several hours of our life to The Last of Us, so fully endorse this next message... MAJOR SPOILERS, if you haven't finished the game, but Naughty Dog reveal The Last Of Usí alternative plot and ending .


Gamer fans, get excited - GamesRadar have the first Xbox One unboxing video .

Not only that, but you can get your Super Smash Bros on with the second episode of their weekly round-up with Super Smash Bros. Wii U weekly - Luigi revealed .

Official PlayStation Magazine

Any new console can live or die by its launch line-up, so OPM have done a handy comparison of the PS4 with its predecessor: PS4 vs PS3 games: the launch line up comparison .

Oh, and on that PS4 note, some not entirely great news: PS4 pre-orders no longer guaranteed for launch day delivery .

Official Xbox Magazine

Excited about the Xbox One? OXM have done the detective work to ascertain which Xbox One launch game you should buy first.

Not only that, but Phil Spencer has gathered all the Xbox One exclusives in one place -


In the battle of the smartphone heavyweights, there can be only winner. FIGHT! Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

If you're on the hunt for new headphones, then T3 have garnered a list of the best headphones for you .


Smart TVs are only getting smarter. Read TechRadar's Chromecast review to find out if Google's new content hub is worth getting excited about.

And if you're a gadget fan, you'll want to find out the latest on this Hands on LG G2 review .

Tesco Tech Support

Find yourself running out of space on your Windows 8 tablet? Here's how to free up space on a Windows 8 tablet .

And give your keyboard a break - here's how to set up touch-enabled Firefox on your laptop.

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