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New Army of the Dead trailer introduces Zack Snyder’s greatest achievement: zombie tigers

How's your luck? The new trailer for Army of the Dead, directed by Zack Snyder, is here and – unfortunately for the motley crew (led by Dave Bautista) trying to pull of the heist of the century among the shambling undead – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

The trailer sees Scott Ward (Bautista) flipping burgers in a greasy diner when presented with a tantalizing proposition: $50m to rob a vault. But there are a few roadblocks, namely a 32-hour time limit and the entire undead population of Las Vegas standing between Ward and his assembled crew (including the likes of Star Trek Discovery's Tig Notaro).

But it's not going to be your usual zombie flick. The emphasis is very much on Army of the Dead being a heist movie: the hard-hitting action in the trailer sets off a powder-keg of sequences that culminates in the group coming face to face with a zombie tiger called Valentine. A zombie tiger. George Romero, eat your heart out.

Army of the Dead is going to be the first stop in Zack Snyder's universe. A prequel, directed by Matthias Schweighöfer and starring Nathalie Emmanuel, has just finished filming. An anime series, entitled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, is also planned.

Netflix, meanwhile, has grand plans of its own. The streamer announced a lineup of 27 movies, including Army of the Dead, that look set to dominate the conversation away from cinemas this year. With the likes of Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson, and Leonardo DiCaprio all featuring, you wouldn't bet against Netflix leading the way with some of the most talked-about movies in 2021. 

Army of the Dead airs in select theaters on May 14 and streams on Netflix from May 21. In the meantime, check out the best Netflix movies streaming right now.

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