Army of Four confirmed by voice-actor? [Rumor]

Above: No Ao4 shots yet, but here's a picture of Army of Two with four people in it

“Just signed on to do the new Ao4 videogame for Electronic Arts,” tweeted Flanigan this weekend: “Some splinter from Battlefield. Finally, my kids think I am cool again.” EA hasn't said anything official about the game, though late last year insiders hinted that it was in development at the company's Montreal studio.

Flanigan, shortly after his initial tweet, allowed that “I think I have [Battlefield and Ao4] mixed up. Thank God my kids don't read Twitter.” Hopefully they read Gamesradar: we reported last year that DICE may in fact be stepping in to assist in bringing the new title to Frostbite 2. See, Joe Flanigan's kids? Your old man knows more than he thinks he does.