Are You Ready For A Real-World Zombie Experience?

A D V E R T I S I N G   F E A T U R E

You’re in the city, cut off and unsure as to what the day will bring in this post-apocalyptic world. All you know is you’re not safe: the city’s streets may be quiet now but zombies are everywhere and they want to eat your brains!

If the idea of running away from hordes of zombies makes you do a little squeal of excitement, then do we have a treat for you. The producers of the most realistic, live action, citywide Zombie chase game, Requiem: Live , are coming to the Midlands. An epic recreation of a zombie apocalypse will be taking place across Leicester in a 2-3 hour experience on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 May . If that’s not enough, there’ll be a post-apocalyptic survivor’s party that is certain to be a party to end all parties!

Join the survivors travelling the wastelands of the city, from the opening rally point (details of which is emailed to participants a week before the event) to the survivor’s base. Along the route, you will be hounded by hordes of zombies roaming the city. Not only will you have to avoid being infected but you must also use whatever means available to you to reach the military checkpoint and safety. Upon reaching the checkpoint, you will be vetted for the infection. Those contaminated will be selected for “special treatment”, and those uninfected will have made it alive to safety.

Always liked the idea of being the bad guy? Then why not join the zombie hordes and chase the survivors around the realms of the city in a realistic game of cat-and-mouse. Catch, infect, and terrify as many survivors as possible in an all-out war to eradicate the human race. You will be made up as a zombie free of charge, have hours of fun terrifying the players, then receive free entry to the post-apocalyptic party where you will be given food and drink and the chance to celebrate with your fellow zombies and any lucky survivors. What better way to spend an evening in May!

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