Apex Legends season 7 battle pass gets another adjustment to make leveling faster

Apex Legends season 7
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Apex Legends season 7 Battle Pass has been tweaked again so players can more easily level up, according to game director Chad Grenier. 

As of Today, November 10, the difficulty of the daily challenges have been reverted to season 6 levels, but you'll still get the same number of stars rewarded. For example, in the original Apex Legends season 7 Battle Pass, you'd need to inflict 1000 damage as a specific character in order to earn one star - now you'll only have to dole out 250 damage for one star. See above for the complete chart shared by Grenier. 

This isn't the first adjustment Respawn has made to the controversial new Battle Pass, and it won't be the last. As we previously reported, after players took to Reddit to lambast the new format for punishing players who can't play every single day and demanding some difficult feats, Respawn adjusted the Battle Pass to make it more engaging. At first, you needed 10,000 XP to earn a Star, now you only need 5,000. 

In his latest tweet, Grenier pointed to other adjustments coming down the pipe for the season 7 Battle Pass, including giving players 10 free Battle Pass levels, and reverting weekly challenges to season 6 difficult levels (plus, you'll now be able to complete them with more than one Legend).

These are some great changes that are necessary to make Apex Legends more appealing to a wider swath of players - I know I don't have the time to grind daily challenges lately, and it's nice to see I won't be punished for it. I just really want some sick gear for Horizon…

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