Respawn has tweaked how the Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass works

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Update: The official Apex Legends Twitter account has confirmed that changes have been made to the Battle Pass to make it easier for players to level up.

After players took to the internet to vent their frustrations, the Apex account confirmed that it was halving the amount of XP required per star and discussed why the initial changes to the Battle Pass structure had been made. 

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Fingers crossed for frustrated Apex players that this new update has done the trick. 

Original: Apex Legends season 7 has just begun and it's already controversial, with players taking to Reddit to complain about the new Battle Pass system. 

Respawn changed the way Apex Legends Battle Passes work in order to streamline it, swapping out points for stars. Instead of earning points in daily and weekly challenges for things like getting knockdowns or reviving teammates, you'll get between one and five stars, depending on how difficult the challenge is. Earning ten stars will get you to the next Battle Pass level. 

A post from u/looseygoosey11 - which currently has almost 20,000 upvotes - calls the new Battle Pass unrewarding and "too grindy." The Reddit user points out that in past seasons, respawning five squadmates would earn you another Battle Pass level, but respawning 15 is now worth only two stars. Winning five games gets you five stars, which is only one Battle Pass level - in the past, winning five games would net you more than that. The poster also points out that some of the challenges are incredibly difficult, and even then, they can only grant five stars. For example, getting ten knockdowns with weapons looted from a care package is tough for most players. 

Another Reddit user (u/GrubbyLilPaws) sarcastically points out how much they had to do in order to go from Battle Pass level one to two. Check it out below.

Proud to announce that after all 5 daily challenges, 20,000 xp, 3 Top 5s, and 1 win with 8 kills, I have finally hit battlepass level 2. from r/apexlegends

And yet another Redditor crunches the numbers on how grindy this new Battle Pass is, specifically for those who can't play Apex Legends everyday. If you can play every day however, you'd need to do that for the next 88 days and complete every single daily challenge in order to go up 70 Battle Pass levels. "Putting the numbers together it doesn't sound that bad," u/Sp00kyGamer writes. "But compared to the gain of regular XP levels and how fast that could be gained in the previous Battle Pass systems, the old system was a lot easier on the player if they missed a bunch of daily challenges, as it was way easier to gain levels via XP…"

We've reached out to EA and Respawn for comment, but as of publication have received no response. We will update this story accordingly - and I will get to playing Apex Legends season 7, see just how grindy it is, and report back. 

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