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Apex Legends players discover you can fly through the air using Pathfinder and Crypto

Apex Legends
(Image credit: Respawn)

Apex Legends players have discovered a neat way of using Pathfinder and Crypto's abilities to fly up into the air. Hacker Crypto, who's the latest addition to the Legends lineup, has an aerial drone that Pathfinder is able to use their grappling hook to attach to it and swing up into the air like a bonafide robot Spider-Man. 

Twitch streamers Nicewigg and taxi2g recently showed off how Pathfinder is able to latch the grappling hook onto Crypto's Aerial Drone and careen through the air. Players have discovered you can actually stay airborne and swing around the map, which has lead to some rather fun tactical approaches in matches. 

To see just how you can use this trick to your advantage, in the Twitch video below, Nicewigg uses the technique to fly through the air and swing his Pathfinder onto a roof to swiftly take out a member of the opposing team.

While we don't know if this neat flying trick was intentionally included, it certainly isn't the first time players have found inventive ways of using the Legends' abilities to give themselves the upperhand in matches. Back in April, players found out they could use a glitch with Gibraltar's shield to bounce around the map, but it was eventually patched out. It’s unclear if Respawn intended for Pathfinder players to latch onto Crypto's Aerial Drone in this way, so we’ll keep an eye out to see if it’ll suffer the same fate.

Crypto was a long rumoured addition to the Legends roster after several teasers of the character who even made an appearance in-game ahead of Apex Legends Season 3. After the hacker was officially confirmed as Apex Legends new character, Crypto already seems to be making his mark. 

Season 3 has officially kicked off and a new Apex Legends Halloween collection event known as Fight or Fright is set to start on October 15, and will run until November 5 to get players into the spooky spirit of the season. 

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