Apex Legends' next hero is Mad Maggie, check out her bonkers reveal trailer

A new trailer for Apex Legends' Stories from the Outlands series reveals Mad Maggie as the game's newest hero, and she's really living up to her name here.

Apex Legends season 12 continues the game's tradition of borrowing older non-playable characters and adding them to its playable roster of heroes. We've met Mad Maggie before, during season 8 when she was introduced as the childhood friend of fellow Salvonian legend Walter "Fuse" Fitzroy. There should be an interesting reunion between her and Fuse; the latter left Salvo to maintain peace between his home planet and the Syndicate after staging a failed insurrection with Maggie, which is what led to the bloody end of the pair's long friendship.

Maggie was the announcer for season 8's limited-time War Games mode, but the comics that accompanied that season seemed to kill her off. The first trailer for Defiance confirms she's back and madder than ever - you have to be pretty mad to slam your head into a table to break your own tooth and shoot it at someone's dang eye.

Her anger is somewhat justified though, as she's now been arrested and charged with crimes against the Syndicate and sentenced, rather cruelly, to spend her days in the Apex Games. It's unclear what sort of abilities Maggie will have, but we'll probably learn more when season 12's launch trailer drops on Thursday, January 27.

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