Apex Legends Mobile players criticize EA over lack of refunds following shutdown

Apex Legends Mobile
(Image credit: EA)

After EA announced Apex Legends Mobile would be shutting down, fans of the battle royale shooter aren't pleased with the company.

Yesterday, EA announced a six-week delay for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and an end to service for Apex Legends Mobile on May 1. Over on the Apex Legends subreddit, players are frustrated with EA over the game's shutdown, primarily due to their purchased Apex Coins now being useless.

However, EA unfortunately won't be providing any refunds for players who purchased Apex Coins in Apex Legends Mobile. If you were hoping for a refund for your investments, you're fresh out of luck, as the announcement yesterday pointed to EA's User Agreement as eliminating any hopes of refunds.

Some players on the Apex Legends subreddit are comparing the situation to Rumbleverse, which also announced its closure yesterday. However, the Epic Games-published title is offering refunds to all players who invested money in the battle royale game, and Apex Legends Mobile players aren't pleased at EA's policy in comparison.

Additionally, Apex Legends Mobile players are disappointed the Mobile-exclusive characters will be going away with the shutdown. Rhapsody and Fade were added to the game as mobile-exclusive characters last year, both offering brand new story details and in-game abilities for players on the go, but they might never see the light of day again once the mobile game goes away.

The fact that a lot of time and effort spent from both players and developers will be worthless when Apex Legends Mobile is shut down isn't going over well with players, with some likening EA's handling of the situation as a "scam." 

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