Anthony Mackie joins the Marvel vs DC war by dissing Man Of Steel

The rivalry between Marvel and DC is usually amicably noncommittal, but occasionally we get a member of one camp breaking ranks to fire a shot across the boughs of their counterparts. We’ve had Zack Snyder refer to Ant-Man as “flavour of the week” and Sebastian Stan having a pop at the “originality” of another Batman movie, but today it’s Anthony Mackie’s turn, with the star taking the opportunity to diss Man Of Steel.

The issue was raised in a Q&A with Collider, in which the star was quizzed on which was better, Marvel or DC. “What was the last good DC movie you saw?” said Mackie, provocatively. When the interviewer proposed Man Of Steel as a riposte, Mackie replied, “you’re bananas… you’re bananas”.

But didn’t Mackie enjoy the Hans Zimmer score, or the striking Krypton-set opening? “There's another three hours of movie after that,” came the response. Ouch. Mackie will next be showing the DC mob how it’s done in Captain America: Civil War, which opens in the UK on April 29 2016 and the US on May 6 2016.

George Wales

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