Anthony Hopkins stars in Hitchcock trailer: watch now

Hitchcock , the biopic of Sir Alfred that hones in on the period he made classic slasher Psycho , has been teasing with images and posters for some time now, and at last a trailer has arrived.

Anthony Hopkins look to be gunning for awards as the portly auteur, undergoing extensive make-up and fat-suit embellishments to nail the resemblance. Hidden under that chin, the man who was once Hannibal Lecter is unrecognisable.

The trailer hints that the behind-the-scenes antics were as tense as what ended up on screen, with Hitch struggling to secure funding, and clashing with his wife and business partner, Alma Reville (Helen Mirren).

Scarlett Johansson makes an impression as Janet Leigh, rocking the period garb with impeccable style. And, of course, there's plenty of references to Hitchcock's darkly humorous streak.

Watch the Hitchcock trailer below now:

We don't get to size up Jessica Biel's portrayal of Vera Miles in this first trailer, but the potent mix of cinephilia, '60s style and a smattering of scene-stealing performances has us hooked.

And that shot of the Master of Suspense presiding over the swinging lightbulb scene from Psycho 's climax had us rubbing our hands with glee.

Directed by Anvil: The Story Of Anvil 's Sacha Gervasi, Hitchcock opens in the UK on 8 February 2013.

Matt Maytum
Deputy Editor, Total Film

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