Anthem saves will transfer to PS5 or Xbox Project Scarlett if it gets a next-gen version, says dev

Don't worry about leaving your Anthem game progress behind if the party ever moves to PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett. BioWare live service boss Chad Robertson confirmed in a Twitter Q&A session that saves will "always" be ready for a new-gen upgrade, sparking off frenzied conversation in the GamesRadar+ office about whether he'd really just confirmed a next-gen release for Anthem in a single-world tweet. Like… really?

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If you can't read the tweet, it's a question from a fan asking whether players will "be able to carry over save files when upgrading to next gen consoles". Robertson's response is "Always…". Sounds cut and dry, right? It did for us too, until we all started going back and forth. Maybe Robertson's just speaking in hypotheticals? Maybe he's talking about backwards compatibility? Maybe we've entered a Mandela effect alternate universe where BioWare has already announced next-gen versions of Anthem and this is no big deal?

After much back and forth, we decided it was safest to assume that Robertson simply meant in the event of Anthem being playable on a new generation of consoles, your player progress will gracefully and easily transfer over. That's an exciting idea too, even if it isn't quite as cool as Anthem being the first officially confirmed next-gen game. At least BioWare's already shared an Anthem roadmap for the game's first "Act", Echoes of Reality - the developer has plenty of plans ahead, whether or not they actively include PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett.

Did you know Anthem was almost free-to-play before BioWare decided on another business model? 

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