Ant-Man Comic-Con poster revealed

Marvel has released a Comic-Con teaser poster for Ant-Man , via Entertainment Weekly .

The miniature hero is expected to have some presence on the Marvel panel on Saturday 26 July. The presentation is undoubtedly one of the festival's hottest tickets.

Starring Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, a thief who steals the Ant-Man shrinking suit from inventor Hank Pym (Michale Douglas), the film is set to be another departure for Marvel, breaking the mould like Guardians Of The Galaxy.

The poster art, designed exclusively for the Con, uses concept art, lending the whole thing something of a Drew Struzan vibe.

Check it out in full below:

Directed by Peyton Reed (who replaces Edgar Wright), Ant-Man will open in the UK on 17 July 2015.