Another horror game is getting Silent Hill crossover DLC

The logo from the upcoming DLC
(Image credit: Konami / Glowstick)

Silent Hill is coming to Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals. 

The multiplayer horror party game – which released last November – announced new Silent Hill "guest" DLC will be arriving next month (thanks, Gematsu).

Right now it's unclear what, exactly, the DLC will entail. Glowstick Entertainment says information about the DLC will be revealed in "the upcoming Silent Hill Showcase video"... but it has yet to confirmed when that showcase will be, so all we can do is watch this space.

In a brief video teaser, we can hear the air sirens, and a voiceover teases "in my restless dreams, I see that town – Silent Hill", which intimates the crossover might have more to do with the second instalment than any other in the series. 

While, again, it isn't the new Silent Hill game that fans have been hoping for - and which Konami may have started teasing again - it's a start. We'll have to see if fans can discover any other nods to Silent Hill once they start tearing into this DLC, just as they did when Silent Hill came to Dead by Daylight.

Pyramid Head and Heather are both playable characters in Dead by Daylight. Heather - the protagonist of Silent Hill 3 - appears as a survivor, while Pyramid Head steps into his natural role as a sadistic killer, complete a new map based on Silent Hill's Midwich Elementary School. 

On the subject of Silent Hill 2 – I've never really recovered from the prison scene in Silent Hill 2. I know there are others – Angela's ascent of the fiery staircase, for instance, or the first time you stumble upon the nightmare fuel that is Pyramid Head – but twenty years on, it's the prison scene that scares me most.

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