Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill is coming in June

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Silent Hill is returning in video game form, though not in its own video game.

Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason (also known as Heather) are both coming to Dead by Daylight as playable characters. The next chapter in the multiplayer horror game will hit PC and consoles on June 16, and it will let players struggle to survive/ kill everybody in a new map based on Silent Hill's Midwich Elementary School. 

Mason - the protagonist of Silent Hill 3 - appears as a new survivor, while Pyramid Head steps into his natural role as a sadistic killer. If you don't want to wait until June to play, you can try Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill out now in the Public Test Build on Steam.

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Dead by Daylight already hosts a star-studded selection of crossover characters before, including a Stranger Things chapter that brought in the Demogorgon as a killer and similar appearances for Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. This is the first time Dead by Daylight has crossed over with another video game, though - and it could hardly have picked a more iconic villain from the history of video game horror. That said, the masked Nurse killer that was added way back in 2016 was pretty clearly inspired by Silent Hill as well.

While it isn't the new Silent Hill game that fans have been hoping for - and which Konami may have started teasing again - it is a start. We'll have to see if fans can discover any other nods to Silent Hill once they start tearing into this new Dead by Daylight content.

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