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Another day, another Deadpool 2 Cable casting rumour: Michael Shannon makes it 7 names in the hat

After yesterday’s news that Brad Pitt, of all people, was being lined up to play Nathan Summers, another name has been added to the ever-growing list of actors who are being mooted to play Cable in Deadpool 2: Man of Steel’s Michael Shannon.

The Hollywood Reporter are, uhh, reporting that Michael Shannon is “leading the pack” of Cable hopefuls who will be the straight man to Ryan Reynolds’ goofball Deadpool in 2018’s sequel.

Shannon would be an inspired choice: if you’ve ever seen Boardwalk Empire you’ll know he excels at playing the world-weary stoic with deadpan delivery. I can see him tutting and rolling his eyes at Deadpool’s schtick already.

With Zazie Beetz already being cast as Domino (via the medium of dominoes), it remains to be seen whether Cable will be confirmed soon. Michael Shannon joins *deep breath* Brad Pitt, Ron Perlman, Pierce Brosnan, Stranger Things’ David Harbour, Russell Crowe and Sam Worthington as potential Cable choices. That’s quite a list.

It’s rumoured that, by 2020, you’ll never be more than six feet away from someone linked to the role of Cable.

Image: Warner Bros.

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