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Anne Hathaway talks Catwoman spin-off

Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman was one of the indisputable highlights of The Dark Knight Rises , and unsurprisingly, talk persists concerning a potential spin-off.

Granted, the last time such an idea was put into practice, the end product was disappointing to say the least, but we can’t help feeling that Hathaway’s incarnation could carry it off. And it sounds as though the actress herself isn’t averse to the prospect.

“No one's talked to me about it she said. "[ But ] I would love it. I was at a press [ conference ] the other night for a screening of The Dark Knight Rises , and the moderator asked me, 'So what was it like to say goodbye to the character?' And I burst into tears, because I miss her."

The prospect still seems a remote one however, given that Christopher Nolan has repeatedly stressed that his input into the franchise is finished. Whether another director could do as much with the character is up for debate.

Still, there’s always the Justice League movie to be considered. After all, if Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been linked to an appearance, then why not Hathaway? Although if we’re being realistic, we fear that that leather suit may go unused for some time to come. Unless Nolan is playing one hell of a bluff…

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