Anime-style fighter Acceleration of Suguri X Edition now available on PSN

Sony Online Entertainment calls it an "anime-style," "robot-fighting," "gun-slinging," "pulse-pounding" action game for the PS3 via digital download. That's a lot of dashes.

Acceleration of Suguri X Edition is now available as part of today's PlayStation Store update for $5.99. In addition to having a confusing name, AoSXE comes with six different play modes - three single-player and three multi-player.

It's a bit difficult to describe the core gameplay, but basically you are a tiny doujin fighter and must defeat your equally tiny opponent by using a variety of color-slinging attacks. There are seven characters to choose from, and a total of 14 PS3 trophies to add to your virtual mantle.

The game is so full of color and visual cacohphony, it's probably better if we just let this video of the Japanese version speak for itself:

Feb 15, 2011