Animal Magic

As we exclusively revealed in issue 110 of Total Film (the Kong issue), Luc Jacquet - the man who brought you the staggering spectacle March Of The Penguins – will centre his next movie around the fox.

TF spoke to the diffident director last year and he stated that while sifting through subject matter for his next project, the brush-tailed little beauties were topping his list. “I wouldn’t be surprised if I do something about the fox,” he said.

The Fox And The Child will follow the friendship of a young girl and a fox – the story will be narrated by a woman as if the tale were memories from her childhood.

“March Of The Penguins was bordering on fiction,” Jacquet told TF. “The story and the images are from nature but they are assembled like a fictional movie. I could do other films like that, taking my inspiration from nature and animals.”

Shooting on location in France, Italy and Romania, Jacquet is expected to be ready for a March start date and will not finish filming until December 2007.

March Of The Penguins followed the story of the emperor penguins yearly ritual of procreation and survival. The Morgan Freeman narrated nature flick has raked in over $111 million dollars at the box office so far and has been shortlisted for this year's Best Documentary Oscar. You can find out right here whether it receives an Oscar nom on 31 January.