Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mom's Art item changes when placed over a window

(Image credit: Nintendo)

An Animal Crossing player has discovered that the Mom's Art item looks completely different depending on where you hang it up.

Below, you can see a post on the Animal Crossing subreddit, which emerged earlier today. As the post lays out, if you hang up the Mom's Art item in front of a window in your Animal Crossing: New Horizons home, it actually changes design entirely, because it's stained glass and the light shines through from behind.

So many details in this game! "Mom's Art" looks different when hung in front of a window because it's stained glass and the light shines through! from r/AnimalCrossing

The post is a celebration of all the wonderful tiny details like this in New Horizons. Underneath the original post, other players sound off in amazement at the small detail, while also praising the user for their interior decorating skills.

If you weren't aware, the Mom's Art item was previously available throughout January. It's part of the series of items that your mom gifts you in your time in New Horizons, and once you've opened the letter containing the art itself, you can change the design adorning the front of the item for the price of one Customization Kit.

If you missed out on Mom's Art during January, then here's hoping the item makes a return to New Horizons next year in January 2022. That might be a long way off, but the New Horizons content overview trailer for March 2021 recently highlighted that some items would be returning to the game for the first time since March 2020, which is when the game first launched. This could be setting a precedent for content seen during previous months to make a return when the given month comes around again.

Speaking of content available during March, the official Animal Crossing Sanrio cards will be made available for purchase in the US for the first time later this month, from March 26. These special items give players Sanrio-themed goods, including villagers, furniture items, and more, and will be available for purchase exclusively from Target.

For some of the best player-created content we've seen in the year since New Horizons first launched, head over to our best Animal Crossing New Horizons design codes guide for more.

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