Animal Crossing cheats

Animal Crossing cheats
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Animal Crossing cheats

Golden Item Codes

Golden Axe: 4B2&p%eGcgIO7NHZCS3hjkKJtlgH
Golden Net: kB2&S%excgIC7SPOudE2jkKJHygH
Golden Rod: YŸUKhrekPQ6a3M#4&f3bdAZLJf
Golden Rod (alt): Y%UKhrekPQ6a3M#4&f3bdAZLJf
Golden Shovel: GkUFUvirg%PX6a3ZizGfw5dTZLQh

^^ type in these codes above to tom nook ^^

10,000 Bells From Project Hyrule

talk to tom nook and select other things option.then select say code and enter the following password.


Luigi Trophy

talk to tom nook and select other things.then select say code and enter the following password.


30,000 Thousand Bells

This cheat allows you to get 30,000 thousand bells from Tom Nook:


The cheat could help you pay off your house, but you can use it only 3 times a day. Make sure that you copy it exactly, because it is case-sensitive. Remember: you can only carry 90,000 bells in your wallet.

Animal Crossing tips

Fish And Bug Info

* Angelfish- May-Oct / 4pm-9am / river, reservoir / 3,000 Bells
* Arapaima -July-Mid Sept / 4pm-9am / river, reservoir / 10,000 Bells
* Arowana -June-Sept / 4am-9am,4pm-9pm / river, reservoir / 10,000 Bells
* Barbel Steed- All year / All day / river, reservoir / 200 Bells
* Barred Knifejaw-Mar-Nov / 4am-9am,4pm-9pm / ocean / 5,000 Bells
* Bass -All year / All day / river, reservoir / 300 Bells
* Bitterling -Dec-Feb / All day / river, reservoir / 1,300 Bells
* Blue Gill -All year / 9am-4pm / river, reservoir / 120 Bells
* Brook Trout- All year / All day / reservoir / 150 Bells
* Carp -All year / All day / river, reservoir / 300 Bells
* Catfish- May-Oct / 4pm-9am / river, reservoir / 200 Bells
* Cherry Salmon- Mar-Jun, Sept-Nov / 4am-9am, 4pm-9pm / river, reservoir / 1,300 Bells
* Coelacanth -All year / 4pm-9am(Only in rain) / ocean / 15,000 Bells
* Crawfish -April-Mid Sept / All Day / pond / 250 Bells
* Crucian Carp- All year / All day / river, reservoir / 120 Bells
* Dace -All year / 4pm-9am / river, reservoir / 200 Bells
* Eel -Jun-Sept / 4pm-9am / river, reservoir / 2,000 Bells
* Freshwater Goby-All year / All day / river, reservoir / 300 Bells
* Frog -May-Aug / All Day / pond / 250 Bells
* Giant Catfish- Jun-Aug / 4pm-9am / reservoir / 3,000 Bells
* Giant Snakehead- Jun-Aug / 9am-4pm / reservoir / 6,500 Bells
* Goldfish -All year / All day / river, reservoir / 1,300 Bells
* Guppy- Apr-Nov / 9am-4pm / river, reservoir / 1,300 Bells
* Jellyfish- 2nd half of Aug / All Day / ocean / 100 Bells
* Killifish -Apr-Aug / All Day / pond / 300 Bells
* Koi -All year / All day / river, reservoir / 2,000 Bells
* Large Bass- All year / All day / river, reservoir / 3,000 Bells
* Large Char -Mar-June, Sept-Nov / 4am-9am,4pm-9pm / waterfall / 10,000 Bells
* Loach -Mar-May / All Day / river, reservoir / 300 Bells
* Pale Chub- All year / 9am-4pm / river, reservoir / 200 Bells
* Piranah -June-Sept / 9am-4pm, 9pm-4am / river, reservoir / 6,500 Bells
* Pond Smelt- Dec-Feb / All Day / river, reservoir / 300 Bells
* Popeyed Goldfish- All year / 9am-4pm / river, reservoir / 1,300 Bells
* Rainbow Trout -Mar-June, Sept-Nov / 4am-9am, 4pm-9pm / river, reservoir / 650 Bells
* Red Snapper -All year / 4pm-9am / ocean / 3,000 Bells
* Salmon -September / All Day / river, ocean, reservoir / 650 Bells
* Sea Bass- All year / All day / ocean / 120 Bells
* Small Bass- All year / All day / river, reservoir / 200 Bells
* Stringfish -Dec-Feb / 4pm-9am / river, reservoir / 15,000 Bells
* Sweetfish -July-Sept / All Day / river, reservoir / 1,300 Bells

# Ant-All Year / All Day / Attracted to candy and turnips / 80 Bells
# Bagworm- Oct-Mar / All Day / trees / 250 Bells
# Banded Dragonfly- July-Aug/ 8am-5pm / anywhere / 4,500 Bells
# Bee-All Year / All Day / trees / 4,500 Bells
# Bell Cricket- Sept-Oct / 5pm-8am / in grass / 430 Bells
# Brown Cicada- July-Aug / 8am-5pm / trees / 200 Bells
# Cockroach- Mar- Nov / All Day / on trees, flowers, attracted to turnips / 5 Bells
# Common Butterfly- Mar -Oct / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 80 Bells
# Common Dragonfly- May-July / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 130 Bells
# Cricket- Sept-Nov / 5pm-8am / in grass / 130 Bells
# Darner Dragonfly- June-Aug / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 200 Bells
# Drone Beetle- July-Aug / All Day / trees / 80 Bells
# Dynastid Beetle- July-Aug / 7pm-8am / trees / 1, 350 Bells
# Evening Cicada- July-Aug / 4am-8am,4pm-7pm / trees / 850 Bells
# Firefly- June / 7pm-4am / Near water / 250 Bells
# Flat Stag Beetle- June-Aug / 7pm-8am / trees / 2,000 Bells
# Giant Beetle- July-Aug / 11pm-8am / trees / 10,000 Bells
# Grasshopper- Aug-Sept / 8am-5pm / in grass / 130 Bells
# Jewel Beetle- July-Aug / 8am-4pm / trees / 3,000 Bells
# Ladybug- Mar-July, Oct / 8am-5pm / on flowers / 130 Bells
# Long Locust- Aug-Nov / 8am-5pm / in grass / 200 Bells
# Longhorn Beetle- June-Aug / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 200 Bells
# Mantis- Aug-Sept / 8am-5pm / on flowers / 430 Bells
# Migratory Locust- Sept-Nov / 8am-7pm / in grass / 1,350 Bells
# Mole Cricket- Nov-May / All Day / underground(it makes the chirping sound) / 200 Bells
# Mosquito- May-Sept / 8am-11pm / anywhere / 130 Bells
# Mountain Beetle- July-Aug / 7pm-8am / trees / 2,000 Bells
# Pill Bug- All Year / All Day / Under Rocks/ 250 Bells
# Pine Cricket- Sept-Oct / 5pm-8am / in grass / 100 Bells
# Pondskater- June-Sept / 8am-7pm / on the ponds / 130 Bells
# Purple Butterfly- June-Aug / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 2,000 Bells
# Red Dragonfly- Sept-Oct / 8am-7pm / anywhere / 80 Bells
# Robust Cicada- July-Aug / 8am-5pm / trees / 300 Bells
# Saw Stag Beetle- July-Aug / 7pm-8am / trees / 2,000 Bells
# Snail- Apr-Sept / All Day / on flowers / 250 Bells
# Spider- Apr-Sept / All Day / trees / 300 Bells
# Spotted Ladybug- Mar-July, Oct / 8am-5pm / on flowers / 200 Bells
# Tiger Butterfly- Apr-Sept / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 200 Bells
# Walker cicada- July-Sept / 8am-5pm / trees / 400 Bells
# Yellow Butterfly- Mar-Oct / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 80 Bells

Getting Away From Bees!

Always wanted to get away from the bees? Here are 3 ways to to that.

1. RUN to somebodys house/store/post office etc.
2. CATCH the bees with your net
3. HIDE behind a umbrella and spin it to make them go away

Time Travel

log in page

If you missed something important and you really want to go to back in time now you can! When the animal dude asks you if you want to do anything before you continue to the game say that you do. go to the clock and change it to any day, time, or year! Have a great time playing!

Trick Jingle

Talk to Jingle

On Dec. 24, at 8:OOpm, find jingle, and bring lots of outfits! Talk to him, he'll give you a gift, then switch outfits and talk to him again. I'm pretty sure it can be repeated.

Store An Item

Talk to your gyroid, and go to "store an item".Then grab a item from the item screen and drag it to your gyroid. You can leave up to four items with your gyroid. Items you leave with your gyroid can be seen and bought by other players.

Fossils = Cash

Unless you just started playing, I know you've seen those star-shaped holes on the ground. Here's what ya do:

1: Buy a shovel from Tom Nook's shop.
2: Look for the star-shaped holes in the ground (they appear in a new place every day)
3: Dig up the holes. There are two possibilities. It could be a gyroid or a fossil.
4: If its a fossil, go to the dump (there's usually paper there.) Pick up any paper you find
5: Use the paper to write a letter to the MUSEUM. It doesnt matter what you say in the letter
6: Drag the fossil(s) to the letter(s) you wrote, so that you are sending the fossils to the museum as a gift.
7: Go to your house, and save. Make sure you use SAVE & QUIT
8: Then, set your clock to one day into the future. Then go outside, and open the mailbox. The museum will have sent the fossils back to you, only they have now been "Identified."
9: Now, Nook will buy them from you at his shop. No fossils can be sold for less than 1000 bells.

It may seem like a lot of work, but trust me, its worth it.


Whenever you find a gyroid (one of those ugly tree looking things) don't throw it away! Always keep them in your house because the HRA (Happy Room Acadamy) gives lots of points for them when you have them in your house.

*If the noise they make gets too annoying then stand in front of the gyroid and press the A button. This will turn off the sound.

**Also, if you need some extra money you can collect the gyroids and sell them to Tom Nook. He normally pays 828 bells for each one, but if you have collected a bunch then the money will add up.

Spring Sports Fair

Schedule: 9:00am-Aerobics(this is the only one that you can participate in. just ask Copper how to do moves. he leads. its hard, but fun)

1:00pm-ball toss
3:00pm- tug'o'war

Special Rocks

If you need money this will help. First buy a shovel. Next, start hitting any rocks in your town. When you hit a certain rock, it will turn red and money will come out. Keep hitting it until it turns gray again. The most you can get is 6 bags: 3 with 100 and 3 with 1000.

Fish Prices

Tom Nooks Purchasing Prices for fish are as follows:(In Bells)

Crucian Carp-120, Catfish-200, Small Bass-200, Barbel Steed-200, Dace-200, Bluegill-120, Koi-2000, Bitterling-1300, Loach-300, Carp-300, Pale Chub-200, Large Bass-3000, Brook Trout-150, Giant Catfish-3000, Bass-300, Giant Snakehead-6500, Salmon-650, Killifish-300, Pond Smelt-300, Angelfish-3000, Barred Jawknife-5000, Large Char-10000, Frog-250, Freshwater Goby-300, Guppy-1300, Red Snapper-3000, Rainbow Trout-650, Eel-2000, Popeyed Goldfish-1300, Sea Bass-120, Cherry Salmon-1300, Arowana-10000, Stringfish-15000, Goldfish-1300, Jellyfish-100, Sweetfish-1300, Piranha-6500, Arapaima-10000, Crawfish-250, and the Big Daddy Coelacanth, which you can only catch at the ocean while it's raining (He'll be the biggest shadow you see). It hauls in 15,000 bells, or a piece in museum history.

Shake The Bees

If you happen to shake a tree and bees come after if you happen to have a umbrella and twirl it it will hit all the bees off.

The Best Ways To Earn Money!

1. Catch lots of Migrotary Locests, then sell them. 15 equals more than 20,000 bells.

2. Do chores, keep stuff you like and sell stuff you don't.

3. Sell things the mayor gives you!! Example: I got a moon on the harvest moon night, sold it for 8,000. Got a bronze metal from the sports fair, 10,800!!

4. Never send furniture to your friends with letters! Go to the beach and get a shell for a present!

5. Sell fossils the museum already has!

One thing more is that a bird will be washed up on shore every once in a while. He'll give you cool items if you save him. Don't sell these, you can never get them again and they only sell for about 2,000 bells. Keep paying loans!

Pay Off Your Debt

There is a quick and easy way to pay off your debt to Tom Nook. At the beginning of the game, when you see the animal asking if you're ready to go, select other opions, more options, and then set clock. Set the clock to Jan 1st. Check in your mail and there will be a letter with 10,000 bells in it. Save and repeat this process, adding on another year every time. Once you are done, deposit or keep the money, and change the clock back to normal time. The only side effect is that weeds have now grown all over your town. But dont worry about that. It took me about 45 minuets to take them all out. Anyway, I would only recommend doing this if you are paying back your second payment for your larger room because pulling up weeds is annoying. If you talk to him, he'll ask you if you want to upgrade your house, or add a basement. The choice is yours, but I would definitely recommend a basement to store junk. (the HRA doesnt check your basement:-)

Duplicate Items

What you need for this:

2 GBAs

Time(due to riding boat 6 times)

First hook up one GBA using the GCN/GBA cable, go to the Kapp'n at the dock and ride to the island with the item(s) you want to dupicate.

On the island drop all items you wish to duplicate. Go back the Kapp'n and save the island to the first GBA.

Once you are back on the mainland unplug GBA 1 and plug in GBA 2 move up one screen then back down to the Kapp'n. Use the GBA 2 to get to the island(if you use 1 it will not work). On the island pick up all the items then head back to the mainland.

Once back take the boat again using GBA 1 this time. (It will load the island as it was before you took everything back.) Take the items again and thats it!

You can duplicate anything even money(make money bags)

Ghost Buster

OK,If your town gets overrun by weed(THINGS THAT LOOK LIKE GRASS)A Ghostly figure will apear at midnight until 4:00 am he'll ask you to catch five spirits with your net when you do he'll grant you one ok many wish's one to clear your town of weed's I won't tell you the rest there secret's.

Golden Shovel

You must have two shovels to do this. Then find the spot on the ground that has the light coming out of it. Dig there then bury one shovel. Cover it up with the other shovel and wait for some days. It will come out golden!!!

Apollos Wake-Up Time

Apollo wakes up at 10:00am.

Changing Sea Bass Into Red Snappers

If you go down to the ocean and catch a sea bass throw it in the fresh water in the same acre. Then if you walk up and down along the the ocean you will find a shadow in the water that looks like a fish. It will either be a Red snapper or a sea bass (very rarely it will be a knife jaw or what ever its called.

Secret Character

How to Meet K.K. Slider the singing dog:Go to the train station a 8:00 pm on a saturday night in real time!

Snowman Stuff!!!!

In winter, find 2 snowballs. Then roll them so one is about the size of the body of a snowman and the other is about the size of a snowman head. Then push the smaller snowball into the bigger snowball. The head will fly up onto the body creating a snowman. (It may take a while to get the head on the body.) If you made the snowman the size and shape of a snow man he will say something like "What art! What Shape! What snowman ship!". If he says something like that he will later send you a letter with a piece of Snowman furniture (Snowman Dresser, Snowman Clock, Snowman Wallpaper, ect.) If you don't like the gift he gave you, don't worry, you can sell it for 8,888 Bells!!! (If you don't make him the right size he won't send you anything)

Multiple K.K. Tunes

(You need two memory cards) In the first town, talk to K.K. Then, go to the other town. Talk to him. Repeat over and over and you will eventually have all songs.

NES Nostalgia

In Animal Crossing you can get old NES games, including mario bros, ice climbers, tennis, donkey kong and others.You can play them at the GCN and the GBA. You can get games a couple ways. The first player who start in a memory card will get 2 games. In xmas you'll get a game, in your birthday too. If you get 5 tickets in Tom Nook's store you get a game.

Pattern Design

Somewhere in your town there's a place called the Able Sisters. You can design patterns there. You can put these designs on your clothes, umbrella, the window on your door, sign boards, wall paper, flooring, etc. To make a design, go into the shop and talk to Mable. Choose the first thing she says you can do (designing a pattern). She tells you to get rid of one of the patterns you already have (they're just ugly ones you start out with), so get rid of a blank one. Now you're at the design screen. You've got all these colors and stamps and stuff. You can look through all those tools with the joysick and L and R. When you've picked the color and tool, press A to put it on the paper. Pressing B over a color that's already put down will let you paint with that color again. Once you're done press start. Now you have your design.

If you want to wear your design, press start. At the very left you'll see a pencil. If you go there you'll see all your designs, so pick the one you want to wear. Go to use, then choose either clothes or umbrella. Now you're wearing it.

If you want to let you're villagers wear your pattern (you can't make them, but some of them will be wearing the stuff in the shop) then go back to the shop. There are 4 shirts and 4 umbrellas. Go up to one of them and press A. You say you want to display yours, trade, or that you want that one. I'd do display mine because you'll probably want to get rid of the ugly clothing and umbrella patterns they have displayed. Trading will give you the displayed one and yours will get displayed. If you say you want it, it'll give you the displayed one, but you have to get rid of one of yours. Display mine will get rid of the displayed and put yours in its place. If you put yours up, in a while some of your villagers might be wearing it!

To put the pattern on your walls or floor go into your house and go to the pencil sign in your pocket. Choose one of your patterns and select use. You can put it on your clothes, umbrella, walls, or floor. If you go to drop, you can put a shirt or umbrella on your house floor (you can put as many as you want).

If you have a Game Boy Advanced and GBA - GC cable, you can make a design for free (it takes 350 Bells otherwise). Talk to Mable and go to other things, then do the borrowing a tool. Turn your gameboy on and wait for it to load. Then you can create the pattern on the GBA. When you're done transfer the pattern you made to your 8 designs in your pocket. Free design!

Snake Charmer

To use The Snake charmer as your towns theme song you go to where you make your music (outside the post office) and pick these letters Low G low A low B blank low A blank low G blank low g low A low B low D low A low B low G extension! GAB A G GABDABG_

The 90,000 Bells Money Tree

To make this work you will need a shovel, at least 30,000 bells, and to find a shiny spot. Note: the day you do this it should not be raining.

1. Dig up the shiny spot. DO NOT cover it back up!!!

2. Take 30,000 bells out of your inventory and then bury the money bag containing 30,000 bells in the shiny spot.

3. Set the clock forward one week. (Your tree should have fully grown).

4. Shake the tree ( by pressing 'A') and 90,000 bells will fall out of the tree!!!

Some Bug Prices

Ant: 80 Bells

Roach: 5 Bells

Bag Worm: 4,500 Bells

Locust: 1,250 Bells

Pillbug: 250 Bells

Money Bees

When you grab a tree and shake it, some times you get bees. Well those bees are worth 4,500 bells each. Right when you shake the tree switch to your butterfly net and at the right second strike and sell.

Sonata Of Awakening

To have the legend of Zelda's Sonata of Awakening go to where you make your music and pick High D high B high D high B space Low D 1 Extension high A 5 extensions Low D 2 extensions! DBDB D_A_____D__

Jingle Appears!

On Christmas Eve, from 8:00 PM to 1:00 am Jingle the reindeer creeps through the town and will give you a gift only if all the town inhabitants are happy, no weeds, and some fruit trees planted. These factors influence whether Jingle gives you a present or not. If he does, it will be a piece of clothing, carpet, wallpaper, or furniture of his "Jingle" series, which is very rare! But heed my words! DO NOT SELL THEM! You can`t order them again!

Pitfalls, How To Use Them

When you find a crack in the ground, NEVER walk over it! It might be a pitfall. Pitfalls aren't furniture. It's an item you can use on others, or yourself. Say if you're mad at one of your townfolks cause they took one of your favorite items. It's time for REVENGE! If you have a pitfall, dig and burrow the pitfall right next to the townsfolk. After, DON'T WALK OVER THE CRACK U BURRIED IT! Then, PUSH the townsfolk onto the crack. He'll/She'll fall into the ground and will struggle to get out. He'll/she'll never get out until you talk to him/her OR if you go out the acre. In the time he's/she's in the hole, do something that'll make you happy again. Like pointing and laughing! NOTE: THE PITFALL CAN'T BE REUSED AFTER SOMEONE FALLS INTO IT! So collect pitfalls, they will be useful one day.

Model Of Museum

If you want to get the model you have to fill the museum with Fossils, Fish, Bugs, and paintings.

Some Of The Fruits You Can Get!

You can get many kinds of fruit!! You can get: Cherries, Oranges, Pears, apples, Peaches, Coconuts, and possibly more!! You can get them all! Some times you mom can send you a letter with a different fruit in it!! You can use a different memory card and maybe if it has a different fruit you can go there and get it! You can go to the Island. And there are more ways!!

Coelcanths And Pill Bugs

1)Go to the sea at 9:00 to 4:00 at night when it's raining and keep looking until you find a HUGE shadow and fish it out. It's either a Coelcanth or a tire. You can sell it to Nook for 15,000.After that keep fishing for more. The more that you catch the more of a chance that you will catch Red Snappers and Barred KnifeJaws.

2)If you go up to a rock and hit it with your shovel then sometimes a very small black thing pops out. It's a pill bug, you know the little bugs that when you poke them they curl up into a ball?? So catch it with your net and you've caught a pill bug. (Sometimes when you hit a rock it turns red and money pops out. Keep hitting it until it turns back into grey. There is only one red rock each day.)

Golden Fishing Rod

Successfully capture all the breeds of fish at least once.Then talk to Tormiter(the mayor). He will reward you with a fish weather vane and a golden fishing rod.

Get 13,300 Bells!

First, you will need to get a shovel at Nook's for 500 bells. Then, go through town hitting every rock. Before you hit each one, dig holes around you so you don't get recoil after hitting the rock. If the rock turns red, then you will get 100 bells the first 3 times you hit it. Then you will get 1,000 bells the 3 times after that. If you can it it a 7th time, you will get 10,000 bells. Don't stop to collect the bells. They will always be there until you pick them up. The total of getting all of the bells is 13,300!

Fish'n For Money.

On your game if you have your fishing pole with you you have to go down to the ocean located at the bottom of your town you'll see fish figures throw your pole out and if you catch a "Barred knifejaw" he's worth $5,000 dollars. Or if you catch a "Red snapper" he'll be worth $3,000 dollars...But heed my words you need to release all the "Sea bass" because they are worth only $120 dollars.

Speedy Mail

Tired of waiting for your ordered mail from Nook? Just visit another town, go back home and check your mailbox. There's your item!

Shell Prices

Okay, I have a list of how many bells you get for a certain type of shell.

Lion's Paw: 20 bells

Wentletrap: 30 bells

Porcelleta: 60 bells

Venus Comb: 150 bells

Coral: 250 bells

Conch: 350 bells

White Scallop: 450 bells

Ghost Busters(Who Ya Gonna Call)

Okay, my friend and I have found out a ghost appears at 2:00 A.M.(do this on a Friday)in the field. Remember, this is real time. You may want to set the clock on the gamecube. Now go to the ghost and talk to 'em. He will tell you to capture his pals with a net. I think there's five ghosts. do this and he'll give you something nice.

Easy Way To Get Igloo Items

To get furniture such as snowboard, sleigh, chowder, crab stew, snow bunny, and for all you model lovers (No not super models) the igloo model and the snowy tree model. To get these furniture items that you can only get in igloos wait for an animal to talk about how its toasty in there and they don't want to go out side. Or if they say they are going to stay longer than they are suppose to. Keep talking to these animals and they'll eventually say : Hey you want to play a game to heat things up. SAY YES. They'll tell you 5 items one may be one of the igloo items.

Note: Don't tempt your luck with the 5th item because most of the time they sell it for half your bells. Always buy the four unless you want to push your luck. I've lost almost 50,000 bells

ALL THE ITEMS ARE CHEAPER THEN THERE ORIGINAL PRICE! Sweet:) They are all under 2,000 which to me is a good price.

How To Catch The Big Fish Called Coelcanth

When it is raining go to the ocean then release about 3-6 fish then you will see a huge fish it is the Coelcanth it is worth 1500 bells! Or a piece of history for the museum.

Secret Insects

The only way to catch some of the insects on Animal Crossing is to plant flowers. Since some insects can only be found on flowers, the only way to be able to capture them is to plant flowers

8000 Bell Moon

On the night of the harvest moon (September 21) go and talk to the mayor. He will be along the river somewhere. He will give you a "Full Moon". Cash it in with Tom for 8000 bells! (only one moon per person)

Money Tree

Find a glowing spot in the ground, then, dig it up (get a shovel from Nook). You will find 1,000 bells. Bury the bells in the glowing hole, and a shoot will pop up. You can guess what happens next. There will be 3,000 bells on each tree.

How To Light Up Lighthouse

Sometime In February (Around the 17th) Go to the wishing well. The Mayor will be there. Talk to him. He'll ask you to light the lighthouse while he's away on the animal island. Every day between 6 and 10 pm go down to the lighthouse and enter through the back. The lever will be on the Right. Go up to it and press A. Do this till the 27th. On the 22nd or the 21st when you come out of your house the Mayor will be right there in front of your house. He'll thank you and give you a box of chocolates. (You can't eat them!) You don't have to do this every single day

Money Tree

Walk around the town and eventually you'll come across a glowing spot on the ground. If you have the shovel (you can buy it from Nook after completing his tasks) you should dig on that spot. You should unearth 1,000 bells. Then get 100 bells out of your pocket and bury it where you got the 1,000 bells.A money tree will grow where you buried the bells!

Easy Money

Make two files of Animal Crossing on two different memory cards. Then go two one of the towns that has a different native fruit.

Then pick as many as you can then come back to your original town and sell all the different fruit. The most money you can get is 7,500 bells. WARNING DON'T ERASE THE OTHER TOWN OR YOU WILL LOSE MONEY!!

Quick Money

A lot of money: on new years (January 1st) at the post office a message from your parents will appear at the post office (i think its there) and it will wish you good health and luck...yada yada yada....the good part is it comes with a bag of 10,000 bells!!!

treasure hunt: if you have the shovel (to get complete the tasks given to you at the store then buy it for 500 bells) and find a place in your town where light seems to be coming from the ground, if you dig that up then you get 1,000 bells (Note: you can do this as many times as you want but only once per day)

fruit: on trees some fruit will grow if you shake the trees it will fall, fruit sells for 100 bells a piece...not much.....BUT!!! if you get a fruit that's not native to your town then you can sell it for 500 bells!(eg. say my town has trees that grow cherries, if i get him an orange he will give me 500 instead of 100 because an orange isn't common at my town)Note: fruit re-grows after you leave a store/house

sea shells: you can pick up the sea shells at the beach and sell them...prices vary from shell to shell by what type they are. *Note: see note for the fruit

lighten pockets: item section full??? got furniture or cloths you don't like????? you have 2 options you could:

1)sell them and make some profit


2)talk to the pot/fire hydrant looking thing and you can save items in there ***Note***:you can also talk to him and save

Early Christmas

To get an early Christmas put the date on your gamecube to Dec 25 of any year .Then when you play the game it will be Christmas!

Stringfish Are HUGE: 15,000 BELLS

During February or something I don't know in the afternoon keep on going near the river at acres a & b. Keep on shooing fish by running and then go to another acre and come back and repeat the process until you see a GIANT, I mean GIANT, shadow and fish it out. It WILL be a stringfish. Unless you find too big or to small of a shadow. But I don't think there is anything bigger than that. It goes for 15,000 Bells a pop. The shadow is rare but at least you know what it's going to be. Not like when you go down to the port and see a shadow and don't know if it's a stupid bass or a red snapper. And a red snapper is only 3,000 bells and its very rare. you could just go through the beach and sell sea shell =0 to Tom Nook and get about 2,000 bells

Why Some Cheats Don't Work

When you use the cheats for items there are 4 things that can go wrong.

1)You can only get 3 items by using a code each day! But you can save and say save and quit. Don't turn the game cube off let it keep running. When a villager comes up on the screen, (to ask who you are and stuff) select "Before I go" then when you get that menu go to "Other things" and select "Set Clock" and move the day one foreward. But dont move the time backwards, because you have to "wait" 24 hours before you can use codes again.

2) After you have finished putting in a code, sometimes it will say that this is not your code (it doesnt say it exactly like that in the game) and it will ask you if you want to put in one of your own codes.

3) Sometimes when you finnish the code Tom Nook will tell you that you are not a winner of whatever contest and you cannot get your item.

4) On the last day of the month it's raffle day. Today you cannot do anything but play the lottery. So, just set your day ahead like in step one.

Gold Statue

After you pay off every debt Tom Nook will build a gold statue of you in front of the train station the next day.

Secret Music

Go to Tota K.K., when he asks you for a request say yes, then type in either:

Two Days Ago or I Love You

Then you have a secret song!

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