Ang Lee grabs two thesps for Lust, Caution

Never one to stick with any particular genre, Ang Lee is, as we’ve previously reported, switching to World War Two-era Shanghai for his next movie, the spy thriller Lust, Caution.

And he’s busy gathering his cast members, signing up an experienced hand and a newcomer for his lead roles. Tony Leung, best known over here for In The Mood For Love and Hero, will play a powerful politico who is - press release alert - dragged into a world of danger and intrigue.

And every one of these stories needs a femme fatale, which is why newcomer Tang Wei has been cast as a young woman swept up into Leung’s shady world. She’s not exactly a newbie when it comes to performing though – she’s been acting on stage and TV for years and is also an accomplished director herself.

Also appearing on screen will be Wang Lee Hom, as a young student who also becomes part of the espionage events.

Eat Drink Man Woman writer Wang Hui-Ling is hard at work on the script, which she’s adapting from Eileen Chang’s short story.