Anarchy Reigns unveiled with teaser and screens

Recently we announced that Platinum Games' new title would be called Max Anarchy. Turns out that's the Japanese title - in the West it'll becalled Anarchy Reigns. Call it whatever you want - we're excited. We're sort of fans of Platinum, if you hadn't noticed.

Not everyone was as taken by the manic, self-parodying maelstrom that was Vanquish, but most agree that Bayonetta was a grand success. And it doesn't hurt that Platinum was founded by former members of Clover Studio, which created GamesRadar's adopted child, Okami.

We know more than a few are upset that Platinum hasn't announced Bayonetta 2, but while that may still happen, sequels just don't seem to be Platinum's thing. The studio's got more ideas than a college freshman who just discovered Ayn Rand (only these are good ideas).

While the overblown brawler characters in the teaser were expected enough to not elicit much of a reaction from us, Anarchy Reigns' pitch is still enticing. All we really know about the title is that it's a multiplayer-focused brawler (why hasn't this been done more?), but that knowledge, combined with what we know Platinum can do, is enough to get some anticipation bubbling up in our groins. Which, as everyone knows, is where anticipation comes from.

Above: See a couple more announcement screens in our screenshot viewer

Anarchy Reigns has been announced for PS3 and 360, and is scheduled for an 'Autumn 2011' release.

Jan 28, 2011

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer