An official Fallout tabletop RPG is coming in 2020, let's call it Dwellers & Deathclaws for now

An official Fallout tabletop RPG is coming in 2020, giving players a Bethesda-approved way to create and play their own D&D-style adventures in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. If that isn't soon enough for you, or if you prefer your tabletop games to be heavy on tactical combat, publisher Modiphius is also planning to put out an RPG-focused expansion for the Fallout Wasteland Warfare miniatures game in summer.

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Modiphius says the Fallout tabletop RPG will use the company's trademark 2d20 System. If you've played other 2d20 Modiphius RPGs like Star Trek Adventures, Conan, or John Carter of Mars, you're already familiar with the basics: roll some twenty-sided dice (usually two), count how many fall under a number determined by your stats, and see if you get enough low rolls to succeed at the task.

I'm currently playing as the captain in a Star Trek Adventures campaign and I find 2d20 works quite well for it, so I'm excited to see what the Fallout version will look like. 2d20 isn't a terribly complex system, so hopefully it will be easy to get into for Fallout fans who are used to playing all their RPGs in video game form.

Back on the miniatures side, the Fallout Wasteland Warfare roleplaying expansion is set to arrive in summer 2019. It'll come with rules for character creation, three built-in adventures, and mechanics for crafting your crew's settlement. The role playing expansion will require the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Two Player Starter Set to play (bringing the supported player count up to seven counting the game master), though a standalone version will also arrive in time for the holidays.

These are the first licensed tabletop RPGs for a Bethesda franchise, as far as I know. Maybe Elder Scrolls will be up next? 2d20 could work pretty well for that too, or it could be an official sourcebook for D&D, or maybe an all-new system...

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