An interview with vampires rings in the spooky season in Excalibur #24 preview

page from Excalibur #24
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Excalibur #24 makes Betsy Braddock, the current Captain Britain, a 'guest' of the Otherworld vampire kingdom of Sevalith - whatever their blood-soaked hospitality is worth. In a new set of preview pages, Betsy conferences with the Countexes of Sevalith, the creepy, Nosferatu-esque vampire rulers of the Otherworld realm. The conversation turns to - what else? - blood, as Betsy tries to explain the concept of the mutant X-gene to the magically-minded vampires.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The encounter stems from the recent revelation that Mordred, the villainous son of King Arthur and Morgan le Fay, is actually more than just a sinister sorcerer, but likely a mutant - or a 'Witchbreed,' to use the parlance of Otherworld. 

The reveal of Mordred's mutant nature has caused upheaval in Otherworld, where Mordred is particularly unpopular, with many of the darker denizens of the Multiversal realm having begun to directly associate all of mutantkind with the villain - even attacking Betsy Braddock in the Crooked Market, a part of Otherworld where goods and services of all kind (and from all realities) are traded.

Here's the gallery of pages and covers:

As Captain Britain, the top enforcer and agent of Otherworld's overseer Opal Luna Saturnyne, Betsy Braddock has a special connection to Otherworld that runs throughout her family. Her twin brother, Brian Braddock, was her predecessor as Captain Britain, and now serves as Captain Avalon, the guardian of the Avalon realm of Otherworld which has been ruled by their older brother, Jamie Braddock.

Betsy became Captain Britain in the early days of the current X-Men era, taking the mantle from her brother - a decision that led directly to the events of the crossover 'X of Swords,' in which the X-Men went to war in Otherworld.

Excalibur #24 is due out October 5.

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