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An Animal Crossing announcement is coming *whispers* for mobile

If you're an Animal Crossing addict jonesing for your next interior decorating fix, we have good news and bad news. Good news: Nintendo has confirmed it'll be sharing more details about a new Animal Crossing game tomorrow. Bad news: it's for the mobile version, rather than a Nintendo Switch release.  

We're getting 15 minutes of information, so we can probably expect a decent look at the game and a rough release date, similar to what we saw for Super Mario Run way back in November 2016. That was a faithful phone-friendly version of a classic, so fingers crossed that Animal Crossing with survive the transformation relatively intact too. It'll be interesting to see if Nintendo sticks with the premium pricing model; Super Mario Run is free to download but costs a hefty $9.99 to unlock in full. 

Fan responses are split between those folks who are grateful for any chance to see sinister mortgage mammal Tom Nook again, while others are worried what part microtransactions will play in the game. Some, God bless them, are just here for the jokes. 

In case you've never had the pleasure of playing any Animal Crossing, it's a wholesome game about buying a house, making friends, and pottering around a small town (with a brutal economic undercurrent). It's been a favorite of Nintendo fans and town planners alike since the first game debuted in April 2001 on N64. 

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