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America's Army recruits PS2 and Xbox

In the old days, US Army recruitment meant a patriotic poster of a top-hatted man with an accusingly pointing finger.

Now, in the digital age, something a little more subtle is required. Something is needed to teach the young of the US why mottled brown with splashes of red really is this season's new look.

Unlike , which was designed to train already signed-up soldiers, America's Army was aimed at enticing the amateur into trying their hand at a little realtime fighting.

Released first as a free download for PC only, the US Army, in collaboration with the Frenchies at Ubisoft, are now planning to unleash America's Army: Rise of a Soldier over here for PS2 and Xbox.

The game is based around taking a single soldier through his Army career from raw recruit to Special Force ghost.

With realistic weaponry, training and tactics, your wannabe warrior can learn all sorts of unique skills and take part in multiplayer battles with up to 16 sofa warriors.

America's Army: Rise of a Soldier will sign up in the summer for PS2 and Xbox