Get games like The Division and Dark Souls 3 for under $50 with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime just added a serious new draw for folks who like keeping up with new games. The subscription service now offers a 20 percent discount on all new physical games sold by Amazon, from pre-order through two weeks after release.

This means that upcoming $59.99 games like The Division and Dark Souls 3 will cost $47.99 for Prime members. Prime members should see it applied automatically at checkout, though the offer won't stack with other discounts - you'll just get whichever is bigger. The offer is also good for collector's editions and other special versions, but not to hardware bundles that include games, according to the FAQ.

The offer only applies to products shipped and sold by Amazon; you should see a special indicator within the listing if the product is covered. The FAQ also states that any customer with an active free trial or paid Prime subscription at the time of placing an order will get the discount. So even if you're not interested in signing up for Prime, it sounds like you could activate a free trial, pre-order all the games you want at the reduced price, and then cancel your trial (if that's the kind of thing you're into).

This new 20 percent deal seems like a clear answer to Best Buy's Gamers Club Unlocked, which also offers 20 percent off new games (among other bonuses for buying or trading in games) as part of a $30 two-year membership. Amazon Prime costs $99 for a year, though you also get speedy shipping options and a library of streaming music, movies, and TV shows, among other perks.

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