Amazing fan art unmasks Tali’s face from Mass Effect 2

Most fan art stinks, but this is one of the best pieces we’ve ever seen – we’re talking the Mona Lisa of fan art here. This image, discovered on DeviantArt and tweeted by one of developer BioWare’s artists, captures the essence of Mass Effect 2’s Tali’Zorah perfectly: She is young, but her eyes give off a striking intelligence coupled with a warm, friendly personality. We only wish we had more information on the artist.

For the uninformed, Tali is one of the most adorable babes in all of gamedom. She is also a Quarian – meaning she’s an alien with an incredibly weak immune system and is forced to wear an enviro-suit that conceals her features – so her face, even after two games, remains a mystery. Developer Bioware even enabled a male Commander Shepherd to romance her in Mass Effect 2, but continued to hide her face even after you wined and dined her.

So what do you think? Would this face satisfy you? Do you think it’s anywhere close to what Tali’s actual appearance will be when (or even if) it’s finally revealed?

Mar 22, 2010

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