All your Far Cry New Dawn Guns for Hire hang out in this shooting range when they’re not fighting by your side and it’s very wholesome

In Far Cry New Dawn you’ll be running, hiking, flying, falling, driving, and biking around the post-apocalyptic Hope County, and for most of that you’ll have some other poor sod trailing behind you in the form of a Gun (or Fang) for Hire. When you cut them loose because you have a story mission to be getting on with or simply want someone else to revive you when you take a little bit too much fall damage, they take a well-deserved break at a watering hole made especially for Guns for Hire. And I’m telling you, it’s wholesome. Damn wholesome. Here’s how to find it and turn it into the colourful tavern / shooting range / chill-out spot where your buddies can chill when you’re off getting beaten to a bloody pulp. 

How to find the hangout spot

You’re going to want to go to Roughneck’s Crag, a shack north of Prosperity that’s just off of the road that leads to the collapsed tunnel. To start off with it’ll look pretty sorry for itself, but the more you upgrade your Training Camp facility in Prosperity and recruit Grace as a specialist, it’ll start to look more and more impressive. Its final form is that of a fairy-light-strewn tavern, complete with a vegetable patch, shooting range, solar panels, bar, and gaming area. As you save more Guns for Hire they’ll gradually start to fill the place up, and chat to each other while you look on like a proud mother/father hen. 

A touching note left by Grace behind the Training Camp at Prosperity shows that she’s the one who renovated Roughneck’s Crag, having fond memories of hanging out with her friends during the events of Far Cry 5:

Spend some time there with your crew and you’ll see them truly just...relax. Some of them fill up Timber’s water bowl, or play a game of dice outside in the sun. Stick around long enough and you’ll overhear Hurk ask Pastor Jerome if he’s heard of the dope-smoking Monkey King and see Carmina thank The Judge for protecting her parents from Joseph’s cult way back in Far Cry 5 (ahem, because The Judge is actually Rook from the previous game…). Nana takes her time perfecting her sniping skills on the shooting range, Timber gets all the pets from everyone - except Gina, who says he looks tasty, shudder - and they all just mill about, drinking beer and hammering walls and generally having a good ol’ time. Go on, visit it. It’s a reminder that Far Cry has more depth than you’d initially think, and hearing your favourite characters interact makes for some heart-warming memories. Except the dog-eating thing. I really need to have a word with Gina...

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