All the secrets you missed in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 trailer

  • Yep, that's a scripted near-death set-piece. Looks like you're going to be getting killed and barely escaping from things a whole lot. Again.

  • That roof looks like it could be refitted as a multiplayer map quite easily. And check out that suspiciously raised plank. You are very probably going to run up that and jump off the building. That construction yard/warehouse exterior at 1:05also screams "You will see me online".

  • It looks like New York's Lincoln Tunnel has been flooded, possibly by collateral damage, or possibly as a direct attempt by the Russians to cut off Manhattan. Either way, you're going to be using it to sneak back onto the island by way of scuba gear. Definitely expect Infinity Ward to attempt to trump Black Ops' brief underwater bits here.

  • It wouldn't be a CoD game without an AC-130 level.

  • Nor would it be a CoD game without rappelling. RAPPELLING!

  • Welcome to your new skidoo level. And note the layout of the debris in the water. You are definitely jumping this half-sunken ship's deck.

  • That car smash. It looks like the car contains US soldiers and a guy in a suit, sowe reckon this shot puts you in the point of view of the enemy. Someone's either trying to rescue a comrade the US have captured, or is trying to bump off a US-friendly official.

  • Note that Infinity Ward no longer have top billing in the credits at the end, Or indeed a great deal of attention drawn to them at all. In fact their logo is tiny, and on equal billing with new Activision dev Sledgehammer's. Is this new,cut-downiteration of Infinity Ward just another studio in the Activision machine now? Certainly seems that way. Also, note no mention of Singularity dev Raven, who have long been rumoured to be working on the multiplayer. Oh, and the title still appears as "Call of Duty: MW3", not "Modern Warfare 3". Is that due to talk that ex-Infinity Ward heads West and Zampella are after owrnership of the Modern Warfare brand as part of their lawsuit against Activision? Could well be a safety precaution.

So, there you have our findings? Spotted anything else we might have missed? Let me know in the comments.

May 24, 2011