All of Battlefield 5's War Stories single-player content will be available at launch

When DICE revealed that Battlefield 5 would be ditching the season pass in favor of a drip-feed of new content, many wondered how far this philosophy would go. New multiplayer maps, gear, etc. doled out over the course of the game's lifespan was expected, but would the same be true for War Stories, Battlefield 5's single-player mode? Turns out, nope - you're getting all of the game's solo content at launch.

The confirmation comes from DICE executive producer Aleksander Grondal, who told GamesRadar at Gamescom 2018 that, at least for the time being, DICE and EA plan to have all Battlefield 5 War Stories available from the start. Why do I say "for the time being"? Here was Grondal's response when we asked if the series might one day do for single-player content what it's doing for multiplayer:

"Currently, today, it's our plan to ship everything at launch, but I like the idea of what you're talking about," Grondal said. "I think Tides of War, which is our concept for a live service, is supposed to tell the continuous story of what happens after what we show in the base product. That's kind of like the narrative wrapper, and inside of that there will be new maps, new modes. All that normal stuff that gets proportioned out over time, and you get to see more places that you would think would be in a WW2 game, and some places that you maybe wouldn’t think would be in a WW2 game. I think we can find a balance."

As for what you can expect from the Battlefield 5 single-player campaign, look to Battlefield 1. If Battlefield 5's War Stories are anything like its predecessor's, we'll be playing as a wide variety of characters from various backgrounds, each with their own unique mission and tale to tell about the war to end all wars.

Battlefield 5 launches October 19, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but if you sign up for the Battlefield 5 open beta you can try it out early. For more insight from Grondal, you can read up on his thoughts about the controversy surrounding Battlefield 5's portrayal of women. 

Sam Prell

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