Alien: Isolation is free on the Epic Games Store, but only for today

Alien Isolation
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In the true spirit of the holidays, Epic Games is giving away Alien: Isolation for free. Until Tuesday, December 22 at 8am PST / 4pm BST, you can head over to the Epic Games Store to snag one of the generation's most terrifying games and celebrate the season in a way that's actually pretty on-brand for 2020.

In all seriousness, this is actually a terrific deal. Alien: Isolation is usually $40, and even at full price I'd still strongly recommend it for horror fans. It still looks and plays great today, and the titular xenomorph's relentless stalking is as creative and petrifying as it was in 2014. And in case you're sat there fearing you don't have what it takes to play it all the way through, we ranked Alien: Isolation as one of the best scary games for people who hate scary games (just be sure to play in Novice mode). So now you really have no excuse.

Epic Games is celebrating the holidays by giving away 15 free games, and the whole list has seemingly leaked online. With Alien: Isolation now confirmed to be the newest free game, we can pretty safely assume that the rest of the list is accurate as well, which means Metro 2033, Tropico 5, and Inside will likely be the next games to become free on the Epic Games Store.

Now that you've saved $40 on Alien: Isolation, you can use the extra cash to shop through our list of the best gifts for gamers

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