Alien Isolation developer working on Unreal Engine 5 game - but we won't see it anytime soon

Alien: Isolation
(Image credit: Creative Assembly)

Creative Assembly are back at it again with a newly-announced Unreal Engine 5 game.

Announced just earlier today on August 26, Creative Assembly very casually revealed the new project in a blog post. What we know about the ongoing project right now is that it's incredibly likely to use the Unreal Engine 5, and will be developed in Creative Assembly's studio located in Bulgaria. 

Right now, Creative Assembly is already saying it'll be a "significant" wait before the game is fully unveiled. That suggests the project is likely in the pre-production phase, and the studio is actually still hiring for the project, specializing in candidates with experience in two things: Unreal Engine 5, and third-person games. 

The Bulgaria-based studio heading up the new project is called "Creative Assembly Sofia," and if you're familiar with the studio's other works, you might already know that the new offshoot was founded back in 2017, chiefly to work on DLC for the Total War series. Sofia would then go on to launch A Total War Saga: Troy in 2020.

In all, Creative Assembly currently has four projects on the go. Aside from Total War and new spacefaring shooter Hyenas (set to launch next year), the developer is also working on another unannounced game in addition to this new project. Details are incredibly scant on the latter two projects right now, signalling a long wait before we hear more about either. 

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Hirun Cryer

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