Hyenas: Everything we know about Creative Assembly's new FPS

Hyenas screenshot
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Hyenas is one of those new games for 2023 that could unseat some of the top names in the hero FPS sphere, especially if you're a fan of Apex Legends. It's an upcoming game in the works from Creative Assembly, a studio already renowned for making some of the best strategy games of all time – not to mention one of the best horror games of the last decade. Yes, we're talking about Alien: Isolation. 

Putting strategy and scares aside, Hyenas is a whole 'nother beast for CA entirely. Its competitive multiplayer stylings are set to challenge the likes of Overwatch 2, and that in itself is enough to have us already intrigued by what else Hyenas has to offer. 

We know that we should expect slick visual style and kinetic, gravity-defying combat when we load into Hyenas for the first time, but when that day might come is yet to be seen; it doesn't have a concrete release date yet. Still, recent announcements assure us that it should launch sometime in 2023. Here's what we know about Hyenas right now, from how to access the closed beta to a more analytical look at its gameplay.

Hyenas release date

Hyenas screenshot

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Creative Assembly is yet to announce a Hyenas release date, but we do know that the game will come out in 2023. While the upcoming multiplayer shooter has been in development for four years already, the studio still has some work to do to get Hyenas ready for prime time. Closed alpha tests have already been running for the game, with a series of play sessions underway.

Hyenas platforms

Hyenas screenshot

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Hyenas is set to launch on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC in 2023. This will be Creative Assembly's first game developed for the new-gen systems, but, given the fidelity and quality of Alien: Isolation and Halo Wars 2, we're keen to see what the studio is able to squeeze out of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Creative Assembly is yet to confirm whether Hyenas crossplay will be supported between its supported platforms. 

Hyenas alpha

Hyenas screenshot

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Following the footage shown at the Future Games Show, developer Creative Assembly announced that it is launching the game's "longest alpha ever" via the Hyenas twitter page. What's more, the Future Games Show introduced us tobrand new hero whose cosplaying antics reminds us of a certain blue hedgehog.

The most recent sounds closed in May 2023, but you can still sign up for future alpha tests on the official Hyenas website now. 

Hyenas specs

While Creative Assembly is yet to reveal the final specs required to play Hyenas in 2023, we do know the minimum and recommended for the alpha. The studio says that "as this is the first alpha, the system requirements are high. The team is working hard on optimising the game and lowering these specs. We’ll have more updates for you in the future. A general rule of thumb at the moment is that if your PC is over 5 years old, you’ll likely be unable to run Hyenas."

The minimum spec required to play Hyenas alpha is:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Quad core processor running at 2.5 Ghz
DirectX: 12
Drive Space: -31GB

The recommended spec for playing Hyenas alpha is: 

OS: 64bit Windows 10
Processor: Any 6th Gen Intel Processor, or any Ryzen 1000 series or above
VRAM: 6GB - Nvidia 1660 or AMD 5600 XT or Vega 556
DirectX: 12
Drive Space: -31GB 

Hyenas trailer

The first Hyenas trailer is a pretty wild introduction to Creative Assembly's new shooter. Where Alien Isolation was dark, desolate, and retro-futuristic, Hyenas is brighter and more vibrant in style. This trailer is designed to give us a first taste of the quick movement mechanics and lethal combat that takes place in zero-gravity zones. It looks like it's going to be a hell of a lot of fun, which you can see for yourself in the Hyenas reveal trailer above.  

Hyenas story

Hyenas screenshot

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Hyenas is, principally, a competitive multiplayer shooter – but that doesn't mean it won't have a story holding it all together. According to Creative Assembly, Hyenas will thrust us into a world broken by billionaires; they left the Earth behind to colonize Mars, and the zero-gravity tech they used to power their journey shattered our planet in the process. What remains of humanity is stuck in a drifting slum affectionately titled the 'Taint'.

If that weren't enough, the billionaires have a newfound fascination with relics from the old world:  Panini sticker albums, PEZ dispensers, and any SEGA related merchandise that they can procure from the rumble of Earth, be it functioning SEGA Mega Drives or Sonic the Hedgehog keychains. It'll be our job to steal it all back from massive spaceship shopping malls, known as Plunderships, before the tat can be used to furnish expensive Martian mansions. 

Hyenas gameplay

Hyenas screenshot

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While we are yet to see Hyenas gameplay in action for ourselves, Creative Assembly has given us an idea of what to expect from its FPS. For starters, a round of Hyenas supports up-to 15 players. Five crews enter a round, each staffed by three players – tasked with working to grab the best loot on the Plundership and then make a clean getaway. 

There will be other threats besides rival players to contend with too, as each of the ships are "a sandbox playground of interlocking systems" which will create "endless opportunities for slick teams to exploit the environment, security networks, hired goons, and competing crews to gain an edge."

Creative Assembly says that we'll be able to pick and choose between multiple Hyenas to assemble our squads. Each hero has their own unique skills and weapons – such as a deployable mech suit, or a weapon that looks suspiciously similar to the GLOO Cannon from Arkane's Prey. The developer says we should expect "blisteringly quick movement and lethal combat" which can even tumble into switchable zero-gravity areas, which will add a twist to traditional shootouts.  

Check out some Hyenas gameplay above, first seen in the presentation from the Future Games Show, for a better look at the vibrantly-colored playable heroes, combat sequences, weapons, and more.

Hyenas development

Creative Assembly FPS teaser image

(Image credit: Creative Assembly)

Hyenas has been in development for four years, and first teased the multiplayer shooter last spring with a mysterious screenshot. With the Hyenas announcement on June 22 , we finally have a better sense of what SEGA's next shot at a shooter will be like. While Creative Assembly is typically known as the master of the strategy genre – thanks to its tireless work evolving the Total War franchise – the studio did take a big swing in 2014 when it launched Alien Isolation, a truly revolutionary survival horror game. Whether Hyenas can do for competitive multiplayer shooters what Alien Isolation did for horror games remains to be seen, but we can't wait to find out for certain. 

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