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Alien: Isolation Archive logs location guide

Mission 11 - Hazard Containment 

095 No Future

Solomons Habitation Tower Galleria Upper Concourse: In the bar area with a save point off Supply Corridor B, look on a table at the far side for a recorder.

100 Help101 Low Profile

Solomons Habitation Tower Galleria Upper Concourse: Once you have to find an alternative route to the marshals, go up several sets of stairs then out to the balcony then enter the Bunkhouse on your left and check the terminal inside.

096 What Are Your Plans?097 Security Risk098 To All Sevastopol Inhabitants099 People Are Scared

Solomons Habitation Tower Galleria Lower Concourse: From Bunkhouse, go out of the rear door and down the stairs behind, then open the door behind the pile of boxes opposite and access the terminal.

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