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Alan Wake Humble Bundle comes with sequel regrets

Alan Wake is the subject of the latest Weekly Humble Bundle. But along with pay-as-you-like savings on the first game, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and previously unreleased materials including videos and comics, series developer Remedy offers its condolences.

Remedy's Quantum Break was one of only a few new games showcased at Microsoft's Xbox One reveal on May 21; it's an exciting new project, but it also means the studio won't be working on an Alan Wake sequel for quite some time.

That's Creative Director Sam Lake (who you may know better as the original face of Max Payne). Quantum Break is evidently the new project he teased near the end of 2012.

The news may be a disappointment to eager fans, but a straight-talk video and previously unreleased content is a good way to break it.

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