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Alan Wake sells 2 million copies

When Max Payne studio Remedy Entertainment moved on from the adventures of a hardboiled cop to insomniac author Alan Wake (who also shoots stuff), gamers let forth a collective "hm." But almost three years later, the unique horror shooter has carved out a comfortable niche.

"We've moved over two million copies--that's including PC," Oskari Häkkinen, Remedy's head of franchise development, told CVG. "So after a slow start it's turning into something really positive. It's definitely had legs. I think narrative experiences just have a tendency for that."

Alan Wake finally hit PC in February. A year before that, downloadable exclusive Alan Wake's American Nightmare enjoyed a warm reception. Häkkinen said Remedy is hopeful about its original franchise's future.

"Alan Wake is definitely very close to our hearts. It's our IP--we own it. It's not something that we're going to forget very easily."

We'll soon see if another Alan Wake is among the studio's current projects, given this tweet by Remedy Creative Director Sam Lake:

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