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Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming trailer contains some bloody handsome tractors

If you like tractors, you'll love this trailer for Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming. It's got tractors. Some bloody handsome tractors:

From the press release: 'Experience the golden age of farming as Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming transports you back in time to the 1950's and 1960's with the farming methods and authentic machinery of the era.'

To be perfectly honest, I'll probably never play this as simulators aren't really my thing. But if they were, this would be top of my list. It's great to know that Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming exists and I'm more than happy to raise awareness of this title.

Here are two screenshots of tractors taken from Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming:

Being from the part of the UK colloquially known as 'the West Country', I was practically raised in a field by tractors. At home there's a photo of me as a small boy sitting on a tractor. I look happy in that picture. In later life I had a friend that used to drive a tractor to school. My obsession with tractors culminated in the following video, which was recorded during last year's E3:

Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming is out for PC on 18 May in the UK.

Do you have any interesting tractor anecdotes? Please share them in the comments.

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