Age of Pirates to sail in September

Publisher Atari today announced plans to publish the lawsuit-enticingly named Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales this September.

Developed by Akella - creators of Sea Dogs and 2003's Pirates of the Caribbean game - Age of Pirates looks to be a free-roaming pirate sim in the vein of Akella's earlier efforts. The screens we've seen so far indicate lots of naval and shipboard battles, coupled with roaming around on land as hero Blaze or his stepsister Beatrice.

As an open-ended pirate sim, Age of Pirates will feature plenty of things to do. Like in most pirate games, players will be able to fight, hunt for treasure, manage a fleet of ships and plunder, trade or sell assorted goods. It'll also enable players to conquer and rule colonies, with all the administrative thrills that implies.

If sailing through the islands and waterways of the Caribbean gets too lonely, Age of Pirates will also support 16-player deathmatches and team deathmatches, as well as the self-explanatory Defend the Convoy and Capture the Fort modes. Assuming Age of Pirates fixes the problems that plagued the clunky Pirates of the Caribbean, it should be a good time.

July 7, 2006

Mikel Reparaz
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